Our reseller platform let you manage your customers account very easily and provide a global billing method for all account you manage.

To access the reseller space, you just have to login to the default Signitic login page with your reseller credentials.

The space is composed of 3 different pages:


In this page, you will have a list of your customers, some details about it and a way to impersonate the customer account:

To create or add new customer, click on the Add a customer button. Then you can either create a new customer with a basic creation form or you can use your reseller code to manage existing account.


Here you can purchase new licences, see your licence usage and download your invoices.


Here, you will find ressources like presentation of the product and some technical documentation to help you introduce Signitic to your customers. We will update the content each time a new major feature will be live and so you will always be up to date with the product.

If you need any other ressources or help with your reseller account please chat with us or send us an email at hello@signitic.app

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