Signitic supports the synchronization of your signatures on Outlook from a small, discreet and efficient software.

CAUTION: This may cause your current signatures to be erased.

In order to install the software, you have received an email from containing a MacOS download link.
If you did not receive this email, please contact the Signitic admin in your organization.

Once downloaded, run the MacOs file and the installation will start.

Once the application is launched, you can login directly from the home page.

Now you have to choose a connection method for Signitic to retrieve your signature.

Connections to G Suite and Office 365 are made through the clients of the respective services. Just follow the usual login procedure with your company e-mail address.

Once you have logged in, your signature will be updated automatically every day.
The Update button is also present to force the update of your signature.

From now on, your signature will appear in your Outlook signature choice when creating a new message.

In order to benefit from your beautiful Signitic signature in a completely automatic way, you can add your default Signitic signatures for your new messages.
See How to set a default signature on Outlook

You can also modify your personal information directly in the application.

Once you have made your changes, you can close the Signitic application via the red cross in the top right corner. The application will then run in the background to update your signature without disturbing you.

There you go! Your Outlook signature is now synchronized with Signitic!

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