From the template editor, you can format the attributes in your templates!

What does that mean ?

For the fields of the text block, it is possible to integrate a suffix or a prefix. If the field is empty of information then it will not appear in the template.
Useful, isn't it?

Access the template editor, select the text block and then expand the "Content" menu.

Select the attribute you want to include in your template. Then use our magic formulas !

Here are the magic formulas!

In order to manage the case of the first and last name, it suffices to capitalize the variables:

{{Firstname}} {{LASTNAME}}

will give John DOE

{{Firstname}} {{Lastname}}

will give John Doe

To check if on or more attributes are not empty:

{{if firstname}}{firstname}}{{endif}}

will display the first name only if is not empty.

{{mobile}}{{if mobile and phone}} - {{endif}}{{phone}}

will display the '-' only if mobile and phone are both not empty.

{{mobile}}{{if mobile or phone}} - {{endif}}{{phone}}

will display the '-' only if mobile or phone are not empty.

To check if an attribute is empty:

{{if empty phone}}04 05 06 07 08{{endif}}

will be displayed only if phone is empty.

To check if this is the reply signature:

{{if reply}}{{calendar_user}}{{endif}}

will only be displayed on the reply signature.

Tips: You can use the "Conditions" menu to help you use those conditional formulas.

See the result with the "Preview" button

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