In order to connect your G Suite directory to the Signitic service, you simply need to give read rights to an administrator email address.

To do this, go to your Signitic account, then in "My settings", select Connectors.

By clicking on "Connect G Suite", you will be redirected to the Google Marketplace. Then, you have two options.

1 - You are the administrator of your G Suite organization

To authorize Signitic, you must click on "Installation for the whole domain".
Once the permissions are accepted, you just need to complete the configuration by clicking on the Signitic button in your Google taskbar which is now available.

2. You are not an administrator of your G Suite organization

In this case, you must get in touch with the person responsible for your G Suite organization. Just read the first part of this article and your Signitic account will have access.

Important: Signitic cannot modify, delete or add users. These authorizations only open reading rights to ensure the proper functioning of our service. No information is used or sold to third parties.

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