If you have arrived on this page, it is likely that you are currently registering on Signitic or setting up your account.

To access our platform, you have entered an email address. This gives you access to the administrator area and allows you to create email signatures, among other things (because Signitic is not just that!). Until then, everything should be fine, right?

If you stopped at this stage, without ever setting up your connector, we could not guess the email addresses of your users and apply the signature of your choice to them. You can imagine that a connection must be authorized between your data and our platform. This is the role of the connector!

If you have administrator rights on your messaging tool, you can now configure the connector. We explain the procedure to follow in the following articles: here for G Suite or there for Office 365.

If you are not an administrator within your structure, we invite you to contact this person. The question to ask yourself is this: when a new talent arrives in your structure, who creates their email address for them? This is the person you should talk to!

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