In order to benefit from your Signitic signatures on Outreach, Signitic has an integration that only takes a few clicks to install.

To connect the two services, go to the connectors page of your Signitic settings:

Once on the page, click on the Outreach connector then Connect Outreach.

You will then have to connect and accept the required permissions in order to update the signatures of your Outreach users.

Once connected, a new Outreach icon on the My Users page now appears in the Details column.

When the icon is dark blue, it means that the user is enabled for Outreach and his/her signature will be updated.

When the icon is light blue it means that the user is disabled for Outreach and his/her signature is not updated.

In order to enable/disable only the connection to Outreach for this user you just have to click on it!

You can force update your signatures from the Dashboard or wait until tomorrow morning to see them updated!

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