In order to use attributes in your signature templates, you can either select it from a text cell in the editor:

Or by adding them directly from the lists bellow:

Users attributes

All theses attributes will be replaced by the value of the user:

{{lastname}} - Last name

{{firstname}} - First name

{{email}} - Email address

{{title}} - Title

{{picture}} - Picture

{{phone}} - Phone

{{mobile}} - Mobile phone

{{department}} - Department or service

{{extra_field_user}} - Extra field

{{linkedin_user}} - LinkedIn link

{{github_user}} - Github link

{{calendar_user}} - Calendar link

Entities attributes

All these attributes will be replaced by the value of the entity assigned to the signature:

{{company_name}} - Name

{{company_web}} - Website

{{entreprise_tagline}} - Tagline

{{company_address}} - Mail address

{{company_phone}} - Phone

{{extra_field_company}} - Extra field

{{company_fax}} - Fax

{{company_instagram}} - Instagram link

{{company_facebook}} - Facebook link

{{company_twitter}} - Twitter link

{{company_pinterest}} - Pinterest link

{{company_linkedin}} - LinkedIn link

{{company_youtube}} - Youtube link

{{company_gmb}} - GoogleMyBusiness link

{{company_vimeo}} - Vimeo link

Tip: the politeness formula (user) and legal notice (entity) fields are not included in these lists because they are added respectively before the signature and after the signature automatically.

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