Warning: To have your Signitic signature on Gmail web, you need to have a G Suite organization.


Go to the Google Marketplace and search for Signitic. In order to authorize Signitic, you have to click on "Domain install".

Warning: if the button "installation for the whole domain" is grayed out or you cannot find the application, it means that your Google account is not admin. You will have to ask to your G Suite admin to do this step for you.


Accept the different authorizations: The requested authorizations allow you to retrieve the list of your users and their attributes as well as to be able to update the signature for each of your collaborators!


This step is very important ! Complete the configuration by clicking the Signitic button in your Google task bar which is now available. Google will ask you to login again.

Warning: Please use the same email as the one you use to install Signitic on the Marketplace.

Notice: If the Signitic icon is not here yet, please refresh your page.


Your G Suite directory is now fully synchronized with Signitic. Your domains and users are imported and you can now go online and update your signatures.

You can update your signatures with the button available on the Dashboard "Force signature update".


Refresh your Gmail to discover your new signature!

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