Signitic allows you to consult the statistics of "clicks" concerning your "Signatures" and "Campaigns".

Access the "My statistics" menu from the left side menu, then choose the data you want to view using the submenus and filters.

From the "By Signatures" submenu, you can filter the data by "Signatures" in order to display statistics for all of your signatures or just one, then refine the data on the links and the period you want to analyze.

Zoom on the "Links" filter of the "By signatures" menu:

The "links" filter allows you to refine the data you want to consult regarding clicks on your signatures.

You can choose to narrow down on a particular social network for a signature or all of your signatures.

From the "By campaigns" submenu, you can choose to display the statistics for all your campaigns or select the one that interests you. The period filter allows you to display the period you want to analyze.

As for the "By signatures" menu you can define the period for which you want to consult the number of clicks.

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